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We are looking for Classic Tea Company brand ambassadors! if you have a true passion for tea, active social media with at least 10k followers (on any social platform), enjoy writing, taking photos, being in front of a camera or volunteering your time to a specific cause. We want you as our Classic Tea Company brand ambassadors!

Benefits of being a Classic Tea Company brand ambassadors

  • Receive 10% off any order you place on our website
  • Receive a custom coupon code you can share with your friends and family so they can enjoy discounts any any of our products.
  • Be the first to receive FREE samples of new tea blends before we lunch them to the public!
  • Gain exposure by being featured on our website as well as in our email marketing campaigns.

Requirements to be a Classic Tea Company brand ambassadors

  • Have a true passion for tea drinking
  • Purchase any Classic Tea Company tea blend within 2 months prior to applying.
  • Be a fan of the Classic Tea Company and its tea blends.
  • Be energetic, vocal about your passion for tea drinking and ambassador program.
  • Able to contribute at least 1 creative work per month. See below types of ambassadors to understand what type of work you will be submitting.

Types of Classic Tea Company brand ambassadors

  • Classic Life Ambassador: If you are a vloggers, Youtuber or Pod-caster who focuses on a specific type of lifestyle related to fitness, fashion, cooking, entrepreneurship this is ideal for you! As a "Classic Life Ambassador" you will integrate Classic Tea Company tea blends into your Youtube channel, vblog or podcast content, whether it's by whipping up a healthy meal with one of the ingredients being one of our tea blends (or rubs), giving tips on how to steep the best tasting tea using one of our tea blends, etc. We'll share your video or podcast entries across all our marketing channels, crediting you and bringing new audiences to your content.

  • Photographic Ambassador: Are you a Instagram fanatic or hobbyist photographer? Then this is ideal for you! You will share with us your awesome lifestyle photos which feature any of our Classic Tea Company items (does not need to be the main focus of the photo). The photos could be of friends drinking Classic Tea Company tea, nature‚Äôs beautiful landscapes (with a can of our tea some how in the photo), or everyday beauty that features a classic tea-themed twist! Your submitted photos with be featured on our Social Media page as well as on our blog as well as in email campaigns, Facebook page, Instragram, Twitter, or Flickr. Of course we will credit you!

  • Writing Ambassador: Do you love to write editorials or poetry? As a Writing Ambassador you will write on a number of topics ranging from tea, tea history and culture, poetry, DIY guides, personal stories, short stories, etc. We will be using these types of articles as guest posts within our email marketing campaigns as well as on our blog. Of course you would receive full credit potentially even a authors bio page based on how many articles you submit over time! This is a great way to grow your following as well as portfolio/resume.

  • Community Volunteer Ambassador: Do you have a local non-profit you are routinely volunteering to help? If you are devoted to helping others in your community, we want to devote some of our resources to help you help others! As a Community Volunteer Ambassador. You will take photos capturing your volunteer projects, submit it to us and we will donate to your favorite non-profit on your behalf. Photos of your service and information about your favorite non-profit will be featured on our blog as well as on our Facebook page and in our email marketing campaign. Note: All non-profits must be a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt organization in order to receive a donation from the Classic Tea Company.

Do you enjoy doing all the above? Then why not become an general tea Ambassador? As a general tea Ambassador you will write, take photos, create videos and/or volunteer for a local non-profit.

Apply To Be A Classic Tea Company Ambassador Today!